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Real Estate

The real estate industry in the US is booming. Since the housing market crash in 2008, there has been nowhere to go but up. The economic recovery has finally started to take hold, and home prices are shooting up at a tremendous rate in many states around the country.

Inventory is fairly lean in some places, leading to fierce competition for offers and short times on the market for sellers. Real estate firms, therefore, are under more pressure than ever, having to work with more clients, larger deals, and on shorter lead times than ever before.

The lean years of the late 2000s are over, and the real estate engine is once again firing on all cylinders.

Loans for Real Estate Businesses

As the pace of activity at real estate agencies and firms around the country continues to increase, so too do the demands on realtors and support staff. The net result is an increased need for capital to fund operational activities. 

The pace of receivables and payment/commissions hasn’t necessarily increased, and cash flow can still be a major stumbling block for growing and booming real estate firms.

A business line of credit, short term small business loan, or even a small business loan for women-operated and owned firms can all provide the kind of working capital a real estate agency needs in order to make a killing in this hot market.

BizFly Funding offers all of these loan products and more, so there’s sure to be something to suit your business’ unique capital needs.

Typical Uses Real Estate Sector Loans

Every real estate agency, office, or firm is different, and may have different needs for funding, or use the funding in a different manner than the next firm.

However, given the structure of operations at a typical real estate business, some of the most common uses for loan funds include:

Receiving and maintaining all required local, state, and federal licenses, industry certifications, and so on can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor for even the most committed and ambitious realtor or agency.

Paying for these requirements is all the more difficult because of the uneven, peak-and-valley nature of real estate revenue.

If you’re focusing on renewing a license or taking an exam, you’re likely not going to be generating a lot of new commissions at that time. Take the financial strain and worry and set it aside with some financial assistance from BizFly Funding.

Growing firms need increased visibility to attract ever-more clients to list their homes or buy their homes with the firm’s services and staff. This translates to an increased need for marketing.

As we all know, marketing, through traditional and even some new media channels, can be fairly expensive, and doesn’t produce an immediate tangible return on the investment as far as your bottom line goes.

But a successful marketing campaign can be key to growing or even maintaining your business in a competitive market. A short term unsecured loan from BizFly Funding can allow you to undertake whatever marketing efforts you determine make the most sense for your business, without touching your otherwise-allocated operating funds.

Real estate can be a demanding business in terms of supplies. From paper to gas, printers to computers, food and beverages for clients, the various fees associated with listing or finding someone a home – it all adds up, and fast.

Supplies and expense budgets can often be depleted or feel the strain of a time of high real estate activity, such as we’re currently experiencing.

Providing a buffer with a flexible business line of credit, or padding your bank account with a short term loan, can help you pay for all of your supplies and expenses, letting you focus on selling and buying homes for your clients.

Benefits of Choosing BizFly Funding for Your Loan

BizFly Funding exclusively deals in funding for small businesses. We work with businesses to select and deploy the best products to meet their needs – even if they have poor credit or a limited credit history.

We know that access to capital can make all the difference in whether or not your business succeeds, grows, and ultimately reaches its full potential.

We’re proud to partner with small businesses in the real estate sector, and hope you’ll consider BizFly Funding for all of your business financing needs. Just as your clients trust you to help them find homes, we ask that you trust us to help you with the funding you need to be a success!

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